Ten Questions To Ask While Planning Worship - Mike Cosper


Format:  Audio Talk (67min)

Target Audience: Pastors, Music Directors, College Students

Key Ideas: Some guidelines and helpful examples of questions to ask when planning or reviewing services.

Suggestions for use: Listen with your service planning team.  Use as guidelines for reviewing and planning


  1. Context - Who is here?
  2. Context - Who needs to be here?
  3. Context - Who has been here before us?
  4. Clarity - Is it comprehensible?
  5. Clarity - Is it worth the cost?
  6. Theology - Is it true?
  7. Theology - Who's the hero of the story?
  8. Pastoral - Is it participatory?
  9. Pastoral - Does it speak to rich and poor alike?
  10. Pastoral - Does it prepare people for encounters with death?