This Is Love

1 John

Scripture References:

Verse 1
Light has broken the reign of sin
For the blood of Jesus can make us clean
You in darkness, walk His way
See the shadows pass away

Verse 2
For Truth has come - He was crucified
The Word of life lifted up to die
Come and see, the tomb is bare!
Christ has risen - we declare

This is love - God has sent His Son
So that we might live through Him
Who gave His life as a sacrifice
An atonement for our sin
This is love

Verse 3
We now love for He loved us first
With our lips, our lives, one another serve
As we pour out everything for those who need
God remains - love is made complete

This is Love - God draws near
Claims the victory, drives out fear
Satan’s work all undone
This is love that overcomes
— This Is Love © 2014 Trevor Hodge / Nick Freestone