BOOK OF THE WEEK // ‘Resounding Truth’ by Jeremy S. Begbie.

I first heard Jeremy Begbie speak on the theology of music around 10 years ago. It was a cold winter’s night in a small lecture room at the University of NSW. To my surprise, this gifted academic was also a concert pianist. He paused his lecture every few minutes to illustrate his spoken word through musical ideas on the keyboard. 
And this book is no different. Begbie explores the beautiful interplay between theology (the study of God) and music as a depiction of the Creator. Exploring the ways that harmony and melody can orientate our lives to God, he argues that “the most basic response of the Christian towards music will be gratitude... None of it had to come into being. But it has, for the glory of God and for our flourishing. Gaining a Christian mind of music means learning the glad habit of thanksgiving.” // Greg Cooper
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