BOOK OF THE WEEK // ‘Mountains of the Mind’ by Robert Macfarlane.

Something a little different this week... Language matters. Language shapes thoughts. Language shapes reality. And church leaders are in the business of using language well and creatively to help shape hearts and minds. So this book - about the history of mountaineering - is, in my view, a masterclass in the use of language to convey concepts of grandeur, majesty, and glory. “Great height gives you greater vision: the view from the summit empowers you. But in a way, too, it obliterates you. Your sense of self is enhanced because of its extended capacity for sight, but it also comes under attack - is threatened with insignificance by the grand vistas of time and space which become apparent from a mountaintop.” As I have read this book, I have felt challenged to always search for a better word, and to think about how I can share God’s holiness and glory with more creative language. I hope you might be challenged likewise. // Greg Cooper

Mountains of the mind.jpg